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  4. Read Our COVID-19 Resources for Keeping Your People and Buildings Safe and Clean. | THANK YOU TEAM


    Vonachen Group is committed to creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for our valued clients. No matter what type of business we serve, Vonachen Group strives to exceed expectations by meeting the unique needs of your facility, staying within budget, responding and adjusting to workflow within 24 hours and working side-by-side with you as a member of your team.

    View Our Service Philosophy See How We Can Help Your Company

    Sweeper scrubber operation
    Factory Trash Hauling
    Snow Removal
    And more


    Safe Cleaning Practices
    OSHA Standards
    HALO Disinfection System,
    Kills 99.9% of airborne pathogens
    And more


    General Labor
    Machine Cleaners
    Wood Block Repair
    And more

    Special Services

    Concrete Polishing,
    Structural Cleaning
    Interior and Exterior Painting
    HVAC Filter Maintenance
    And more

    One Mission - One Family

    Committed to quality, you can be sure that your facility will be kept in impeccable condition by our professional service staff.

    • Vonachen Group is committed to creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for our valued clients. No matter what type of business we serve, Vonachen Group strives to exceed expectations by meeting the unique needs of your facility, staying within budget, responding and adjusting to workflow within 24 hours and working side-by-side with you as a member of your team.

      8900 N. Pioneer Rd.
      Peoria, IL 61615

      Telephone: 309.691.6202
      Fax: 309.691.0628

      View the Company Page
    • Vonachen Services, Inc. (VSI) was established in 1968 as a janitorial service company. Headquartered in Peoria, VSI is committed to working as a member of your team. We design an industry-standard program for customers committed to a clean work environment at a reasonable cost; or an executive cleaning program for highly image-conscious customers.

      8900 N. Pioneer Rd.
      Peoria, IL 61615

      Telephone: 309.691.6202
      Fax: 309.691.0628

      View the Company Page
    • Accent Specialty Services (Accent) formerly Accent Building Maintenance has been providing outstanding commercial janitorial services to Northeastern Wisconsin since its founding in 1989. Accent became a Vonachen Family Company in 2014 and continues to carry forward the core values that it was founded on – as a family-owned company. Specialty Services of Wisconsin Inc., a commercial cleaning company serving Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding area, became a member of the Accent Specialty Services family in 2016.

    • Diversified Services for Industry (DSI) works with a varied and prestigious list of Fortune 500 and privately held image-conscious customers throughout Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Our skilled employees provide outstanding service and support to customers in the manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare and banking industries.

      1110 East Main Street
      Streator, IL 61364

      Telephone: 800.263.2343
      Fax: 800.672.2593

      View the Company Page
    • K-tech Building Maintenance (K-tech) became a Vonachen Family Company in 2016. K-tech delivers quality commercial janitorial services to industrial, medical and clinical facilities throughout central and northern Wisconsin. K-tech’s goal continues to be the delivery of quality maintenance services and complete customer satisfaction.

      2230 N. 14th Avenue
      Wausau, WI 54401

      Telephone: 715.298.3114
      Fax: 715.598.6243

      View the Company Page
    • Kenway Janitor Service provides outstanding commercial and industrial janitorial services throughout the Kentuckiana area, including Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Kenway delivers quality janitorial services to numerous business sectors, including financial and medical institutions and industrial facilities. Kenway continually strives for exceptional customer service and green cleaning solutions fitting the needs of any business.

    What Our Clients Say

    Our Association with VSI has more than met our expectations. This family-owned company continuously strives to achieve the highest quality through their quality assurance audit. The owners have daily, hands-on involvement. If an issue arises, their sense of urgency to rectify it and prevent a repeat occurrence is stellar. Their experienced, hands-on management and their compliance with the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standards solidify them as leaders in the industry.

    Rob Folck Environmental Services Manager UnityPoint Health - Methodist | Peoria November 29, 2016

    Our People

    It's simple. The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people. That's why all Vonachen applicants are carefully screened and, once hired, undergo continuous training to ensure they have the skills needed to successfully manage your project.

    Meet our Team


    Whether you're looking for additional income opportunities or a full-time position, Vonachen Group has many opportunities in multiple business segments and locations.

    Apply Online

    Customer Hotline


    Contact Us

    If you have a question, comment, would like to inquire about our services or have an issue at your facility, please contact us using the form below.

    Apply Online Now
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